Original taste rolls with a filling of boiled thawed squid fillets and any bacon.


Rice for sushi – 2 cups

Bacon – 8 strips

Squid (fillets) – 1 pc.

Cheese curd – 150 g

Nori sheet – 8 pcs.

Cucumber long – 1 pc.

For submission:

Soy sauce

Pickled ginger


  • 254 kcal
  • 45 min.

Cooking process

Rolls with the addition of fried bacon are very like my spouse. The very thought of accompanying a familiar fish filling with bacon suddenly occurred to him that I was surprised and pleased at the same time. Most often, bacon is added to salted red fish, sometimes to salted oily fish, and in this recipe I will show the squid variant.

Bacon for the filling suits different: smoked-boiled and smoked.

To prepare rolls with squid and bacon, prepare the ingredients in the list to the recipe.

Ingredients for rolls with squid and bacon

Squid fillets should be thawed at room temperature.

Rice cook and let it cool down to a warm state. For cooking 2 glasses of rice, you need 2.5 glasses of water. Rinse rice thoroughly in several waters, then pour in fresh cold water, bring to boil with large bulbs. After that, close the pan with a lid, lower the heat to a minimum and leave the cooking for 14 minutes without opening it. After 14 minutes, open and stir the rice.

Brew rice

Squid fillets cut into long slabs about 5 mm wide.

Cut the squid

Throw them in boiling salted water, count to ten (one, two, and three, etc.), then you need to quickly catch a noise and put on a dish for cooling.

  Rejer i bacon

Cook squid

Cucumber cut into long pieces, i.e. along.

Cut the cucumber

Bacon strips fry from both sides until browning.

Fry the bacon

For one roll, you can use 1/2, 2/3 or a whole sheet. If you do not need to save, then I use the whole, I like to wrap a roll in two layers of nori. If desired, locate the nori either along or across.

Approximately half the surface of the nori sheet, apply a thin layer of rice. Wet hands in acidified vinegar with cold water or use gloves.

Put the rice on the nori sheet

Add the cheese and then the whole stuffing: cucumber, squid, bacon.

Put cheese and cucumber

Put the squid

Put the bacon

With the help of a makis / mat from wooden sticks, roll and fix the roll.

Photo of rolls with squid and bacon

Ready rolls with squid and bacon cut and served with soy sauce and pickled ginger, as well as optional with wasabi.

Recipe for rolls with squid and bacon

Bon Appetit!

Rolls with squid and bacon