Option to prepare a chill without gelatin and vegetables.


Pork shank – 1 pc.

Chicken thighs – 6-8 pcs.

Salt – about 1 tsp.

Laurel – 1-2 sheets at will

Peppers to taste – up to 1 tsp.

Garlic – 2 cloves for broth

  • 198 kcal
  • 5 hours

Cooking process

Previously, I prepared the cold only on holidays, and more often – in winter. Now the husband demands that this is very tasty, and also useful for the appearance and condition of the joints, the dish was at least 2-3 times a month! The variants of the chicken chill from the whole chicken or only from the shins took root and, in particular, from the pork shank, which are prepared both in a large saucepan and in a bowl of a multivariate. All these recipes are on the site, and I’ll add another version of the holland of pork knuckle with chicken!

Vegetables when cooking do not add, salt I try – at a minimum, and the peppers and garlic are already in almost ready broth before it is filtered.

If there is a possibility, then choose a small and low-fat plank. You can take a chicken whole, just a leg or, like me, just the legs.

Ingredients for caviar from pork knuckle and chicken

I prefer to use chicken drumsticks, because there is a lot of gelling agent in them, the broth turns out to be sufficiently saturated for congealing, but practically without fat.

Shins and rudders are recommended to soak in cold water for several hours. This is done in order to remove excess blood and so that the broth is more transparent.

  Terrine von drei Arten von Fleisch

The handle is either cut into pieces, or simply cut in several places to the bone.

Put the wheat in the pan

The shins are soaked whole.

Put the calves in the water

Then the water is drained, the shins and rulk are placed in one pan, fresh water is poured in.

After boiling, remove the foam (scum).

Remove foam

Cook the meat for 4-5 hours on low heat under the lid. At the end of the cooking, add salt, peppers and garlic.

Prepare pepper and garlic

The broth should be very saturated. Extract all the meat and bone part from it.

Boil meat

To merge broth

Broth the broth.

Strain broth

Chop the meat part from the shank and drumsticks with a knife into pieces of the desired size. If you want to get a virtually uniform in composition of the cold, then scroll the meat part in the meat grinder through the nozzle with large holes.

Grind the meat

Spread the meat part on special or any suitable shapes or bowls.

Decompose meat by forms

Pour the broth either flush with the meat, or higher it.

To pour broth

Place the cooled blank in the refrigerator for full hardening. The layer of fat formed on top can be easily removed. In my version of it quite a bit, so I left.

Chilled pork knuckle and chicken

The chilli from the pork knuckle and chicken is ready.

Picture of a holland of pork shank and chicken

This is practically a traditional snack for New Year’s holidays. Serve to the chill as mustard sauces of different kinds (Russian, granular, fruit) and horseradish.

Recipe for a cold pork shank and chicken

Bon appetit and mood!