Delicate and fluffy bagels from curd pastry. Baking for every day.


Cottage cheese – 180 g

Sugar – 4 tbsp.

Butter – 20 g

Egg chicken (small) – 1 pc.

Wheat Flour – 200-220 g

Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

  • 266 kCal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

It’s no secret that the cottage cheese dough is good for making various pies, rolls, pies, cookies and, of course, bagels.

In this recipe, the most part is cottage cheese, and quite a bit of butter. Bagels are lush, soft, with a curd taste. It’s a pleasure to work with such a test.

You can cook bagels-pacifiers or make them with any stuffing.

If you like a sweeter dough, add a little more sugar.

These are the products we need to make a cottage cheese test for bagels.

Ingredients for cottage cheese pastry for bagels

In a bowl, combine cottage cheese, sugar and egg.

Combine cottage cheese, egg and sugar

Stir, add the melted butter.

Pour in the oil

Stir and pour the flour with the baking powder.

Add flour

Knead the soft dough.

Fill in a film and let it rest for 20 minutes.

Knead the dough

Curd dough for bagels is ready. Divide it into two parts. Roll each one in a circle.

Cut the circle into sectors.

Put the stuffing. I have boiled condensed milk today.

Put the condensed milk on the dough

Collapse bagels.

Sake rogueliki with condensed milk

Bake at a temperature of 180 degrees. To ruddy color. Approximately 20-25 minutes.

Ready-made bagels with condensed milk

Finished rohaliki sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Photo of bagels with condensed milk

Bon Appetit.

Recipe for bagels with condensed milk

Curd dough for bagels