Delicious cake from whole-grain flour with cane sugar. Useful pastries for tea every day.


Wholemeal flour – 400 g

Sugar cane – 250 g

Eggs of chicken – 3 pcs.

Olive oil – 150 g

1 lemon zest

Milk – 100 g

Baking Powder – 8 g

  • 345 kCal
  • 1 h. 20 min.

Cooking process

I suggest preparing a cupcake on whole wheat flour and olive oil. The cake is very lush, with a delicate nutty flavor and lemon flavor. This cupcake can be stored for 2 days, and you can cut into portions and freeze.

To prepare an Italian cake from whole-grain flour, you must immediately prepare the ingredients on the list.

Ingredients for Italian muffin cake

Eggs beat up with sugar until whitening.

Beat eggs with sugar

Pour in the oil and beat again.

Pour in the oil

Flour with a baking powder to sift and gradually introduce into the egg mass.

Add flour

Pour milk at room temperature and shake again.

Stir the dough

Add the lemon zest and stir.

Put the lemon zest

Pour the dough into a 24 cm diameter vial with parchment and bake in a 60-degree oven for 60 minutes, until a dry skewer.

Put the dough on the mold

Cool the cake to room temperature.

Ready-made Italian muffin cake

Italian cake from whole wheat flour is ready. Bon Appetit!

Recipe for Italian cake from whole wheat flour

Photo of Italian muffin cake