Olivier with ham is one of the variations of the favorite New Year salad of the Soviet times.


Ham in / s – 300 g

Pickled cucumbers – 2 pcs.

Carrots (cooked) – 2 pcs.

Chicken eggs (cooked) – 2 pcs.

Potatoes – 1-2 tubers

Green peas – to taste

Onions – if desired

Salt – to taste

Mayonnaise – for refueling

  • 194 kcal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

Delicious New Year salad, named after Chef Lucien Olivier, wins his “Russian” taste from the first spoon. The popularity of the famous “Olivier” on the festive table is impeccable. Cubed ingredients mixed with sour cream or mayonnaise in an excellent winter salad create exactly the New Year’s taste from the distant USSR.

There are several correct variations of the preparation of “Winter” salad – the second name of the dish. In the classical version, boiled sausage appears as a meat product. Still often used is boiled veal and ham. I propose to make “Olivier with ham”.

Take the products from the list. For salad we will use ham of the highest grade from turkey meat.

Carrots and chicken eggs pre-boil.

Ingredients for ham and olive

Potatoes are first cut into cubes, and then boiled in salt water until cooked.

Cut potatoes

Carrots shredded cubes. I prefer to cut the ingredients in small cubes.

Cut the carrots

She goes to a salad bowl. Try to choose a glass container with high sides. In such a salad bowl it is not only convenient to mix, but also to store the salad before serving to the table.

Put in a salad bowl of carrots

The ham is released from the film and cut into small cubes.

  Salad with cod liver and rice

Cut the ham

He leaves for the carrots.

Put the ham on the carrots

Then chicken eggs are cut.

Cut the eggs

Eggs follow in salad bowl.

Add eggs

Olivier without salted cucumbers? No. We need to take solid pickled homemade cucumbers, cut them into cubes and attach them to our main ingredients.

Cut the cucumber

We have already cooked potatoes for a long time. The water was drained through a sieve. Now we send it to the salad for cucumbers. You can cook the potatoes in the peel, and then peel and cut. I choose a faster version of cutting. Since I cut the vegetables finely, I do not like to bother with starchy potatoes.

Add cucumbers

Preserved green peas must be rinsed from the mucus with cool boiled water. Extra moisture in “Olivier” is not welcome.

To put peas

The main salad is almost ready. On request, “Olivier with ham” is complemented with chopped onions.

Put onion

After that, the salad is gently mixed.

The recipe for ham and olive

Before serving, the table “Olivier with ham” is seasoned with mayonnaise, dosed according to taste and mixed again. If desired, it is decorated to your liking. I propose a variant: parsley greens, a ham roe and chicken protein florets.

Photo of olive with ham