A simple porridge of Hercules with milk, perfect in all respects breakfast for every day;


Oat flakes “Hercules” – 1 glass

Milk – 150 ml

Butter – 30 g

Sugar – to taste

Salt – 2 pinch

  • 219 kCal
  • 25 min.

Cooking process

Oatmeal, sir. Do you remember? And we have oatmeal today. There is nothing easier than to weld such a mess. It is immensely useful and great for breakfast. We will cook from flakes “Hercules”. These are not those that are quick-cooking, but those that require a little time …

In order to cook porridge porridge with milk you need to take: oat flakes “Hercules”, milk, sugar, salt and butter.

Ingredients for Herculean Porridge

If you do not find it “Hercules”, then any oat flakes will do. Flakes are poured into a pan with a thick bottom.

Hercules pour into the pan

Then pour two glasses of hot water.

Add hot water

Cook for 15-20 minutes – almost until the flakes are ready. Solim and put the sugar. We pour the milk.

Add milk, salt and sugar

We cook for 5-7 minutes and turn it off. We put a slice of butter in the finished porcini gruel.

Add butter

Serve in a warm form with jam and honey.

Photo of Herculean porridge

Bon Appetit!

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