Small dumplings in the form of rhombuses, triangles or squares like even those children who do not eat cottage cheese.


Cottage cheese – 220 g

Wheat Flour – 70 g

Eggs of chicken – 24 g

Sugar – 20 g

Butter – 20 g

Salt – for cooking

  • 242 kCal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Since there are a certain number of children in the kindergarten in groups, the preparation of various dishes is carried out according to a strict formula, based on the number of products per serving. Once, a friend of mine gave me this recipe of lazy vareniki, which she did for kindergarten kids. Since then, I often cook such varenichki at home. Now in this recipe I quote the number of products for two servings. By simple mathematical actions, you can easily calculate how many products go to one serving and, accordingly, can increase as many times as you need.

In the kindergarten recipe for dumplings, only butter is used, but you can also butter lazy vareniki with sour cream, jam, jam or even honey, except for oil, if there is no allergy to honey in your family.

So, for the preparation of lazy dumplings in the kindergarten we take the products listed above.

Ingredients for lazy vareniki both in kindergarten

First of all, curd for lazy vareniki needs to be wiped through a sieve. Thus, the dough for the dumplings will be without grains, and then the biggest fagots will not understand that there is cottage cheese. You can immediately put a pot of water on the fire.

Wipe the cheese through a sieve

For two servings of lazy vareniki, you need 24 grams of chicken eggs, so we break the egg, shake it up and use the weights to measure the weight.

Beat the eggs

Add the right amount of egg to the cottage cheese.

Connect the eggs with the cottage cheese

There we add sugar and a pinch of salt.

Pour sugar

Then add the pieces of flour, leave a little for the dust, when we roll out the dough.

Add flour

We divide the resulting dough into two parts and roll each one in turn. Roll out the dough with a thickness of about 7-10 mm.

Roll out the dough

We cut it into strips, and then each strip – into rhombuses.

Cut the dough into rhombuses

Throw them in salted boiling water, gently mix so that they do not stick to the bottom, and boil after boiling for about 1-2 minutes, no more that they have kept the shape.

Cook the Vareniki

We take out them with a noise and we savor with melted butter. Lazy vareniki are ready in kindergarten. I always serve these vareniki sour cream.

Recipe of lazy dumplings like in kindergarten

Lazy vareniki like in the kindergarten is best cooked before serving to eat them hot and so delicious!

Photo of lazy dumplings like in kindergarten