Snack eggs in the form of cute chicks – a tasty stuffed dish to the New Year’s table.


Ingredients for stuffing:

Chicken eggs – 3-4 pcs.

Garlic – 1-2 cloves

Cheese “Lambert” – 70 g

Mayonnaise olive – 1-2 tablespoons

Salt – to taste

Ingredients for decoration:

Leaf lettuce – 15 g

Carrot – for scallop and beak

Carnation “inflorescence” – for the eye

Any other greens – if desired

  • 133 kCal
  • 20 minutes.

Cooking process

Dear ones, I would like to present a truly New Year dish devoted to the Year of the Rooster – stuffed eggs “Chickens”.

Cockerel, cockerel, golden scallop! Meet the year of the Fire Cockerel with symbolic snacks and cheerful mood, because it is impossible in another way. Our cute chickens and ask for a festive table. If in the process of preparing New Year’s snacks to invite children to help, the New – 2017 – the year they will be remembered especially.

For egg stuffing products are taken from the list, but the ingredients for decorating can be varied as desired. For beaks and scallops, instead of carrots, it is permissible to use Bulgarian pepper or a tomato. For the nest – any fresh herbs.

Ingredients for stuffed eggs

The recipe for New Year’s stuffed eggs is suitable for beginners. The only action at the cooker is cooking eggs.

Eggs are cooked in salty water “hard-boiled”. Salt helps preserve the integrity of the shell. For salads and appetizers testicles cooked 10 minutes – from boiling cold water to readiness of eggs. After cooking, eggs are immediately poured cold, and better – running water. After 5 minutes, wipe and clean. With these simple rules, you can easily clean the egg, keeping it “royal” appearance.

Cut the patterned egg

Figures are formed with a knife by cutting in a zigzag along the “equator”. Then the egg gently opens on two cute halves, and the yolk is extracted. Similar manipulations are performed with each egg, depending on the number of servings.

Cut the egg in zigzag

The filling includes the yolk, which must be crushed. It is most convenient to rub on a small grater.

Grate the yolk

Cheese is also rubbed on the grater.

Grate cheese

Ingredients of the filling are seasoned with garlic, mayonnaise and salt.

Add the garlic and mayonnaise

Mix well until the consistency of thick cottage cheese.

Stir the filling

From the resulting mass roll miniature balls of a little more than a chicken yolk.

Roll the balls out of the filling

Figured forms from proteins are distributed on a serving dish on salad leaves or greens.

Put on the leaves of the salad protein

The filler balls are gently inserted into the center of the carved protein.

Put on the squirrel ball from the filling

Our chickens are almost ready. There are scallops and beaks that are carved from fresh carrots.

Cut out billets from carrots

Scallops on the head.

Make carrots of scallops

Bikini – in front, and eyes – from the nails. Ah, beauty, not tiptoe!

New Year’s Egg – stuffed eggs “Chicken” – almost ready. It remains to cool them and you can bring them to an idle feast. Our chickens will certainly cheer up the guests. Celebrate the New Year with joy!

Photo of stuffed eggs