A hearty and very tasty snack for the whole family. Both adults and children love it. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten …


Lavash – 1 pc.

Peking cabbage – 80 g

Sweet pepper – 80 g

Fresh cucumber – 80 g

Pork – 100 g

Dill – 5 branches

Green onions – 5 branches

Salt – to taste

Pepper black ground – to taste

Dried rosemary – to taste

Sunflower oil – for frying

Mayonnaise – to taste

  • 195 kcal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

Home-made shaurma with pork is a hearty and very tasty snack for the whole family. Both adults and children love it. Shaurma quickly prepares. For the filling use fresh or pickled vegetables, lots of greens, meat products and not only. You can cook and diet shawarma, if you stick to a diet.

For cooking, take these ingredients.

Ingredients for home-made shaurma with pork

The first thing to cook pork. It is better to use pork tenderloin. To prepare one serving, only about 100 g of pork will be needed. Pieces of meat wash and dry with a napkin on both sides. Rub with salt, ground pepper, rosemary. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.

Grate meat with spices and salt

In the meantime, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Vegetables and greens wash, dry with a paper towel. Chop thin strips. Dill cut finely.

Grind vegetables and greens

Grease the usual or grill pan with sunflower oil. Well warm up. Lay the pieces of pork. Fry on high heat from both sides until golden brown. Fried pork chill and cut into small slices.

To fry meat

On one side of the lavash put the Pekinese cabbage, Bulgarian pepper, fresh cucumber, slightly salt and pepper. Add slices of fried pork, mayonnaise and dill.

To lay out on a pita filling

Gently wrap in a roll and serve to the table. Appetizing home-made shaurma with pork is ready!

Roll up pita bread with stuffing in a roll

Delicious shawarma for you!

Photo of house shawarma with pork