Wonderful dinners profiteroles with cheese from the public ingredients. The taste is just explosive, because with garlic!


For the test:

Flour – 180 g

Butter – 80 g

Milk – 140 ml

Salt – 0.5 tbsp.

Eggs – 4 pcs.

For filling:

Cheese creamy – 200 g

Cheese hard young – 200 g

Butter at room temperature – 100 g

Parsley fresh – 15 g

Garlic – 1 tooth

Salt – to taste

  • 307 kCal
  • 3 hours

Cooking process

Profiteroles with cheese – in my opinion, absolutely a no-lose snack! In the sense, for both drinkers and non-drinkers. It’s just delicious so that you will not come off. But this is very satisfying, because the filling is high in calories – cheese, butter … It’s me that such snack profiteroles are also very practical at the beginning of a big feast. Ingredients – simple and affordable, many options for replacement are allowed.

Some notes on the inventory. Cheese filling, which I’ll show here, is very dense. Plastic mezzanine bags at me with it, happened to be, were torn. Therefore, if you want to land it necessarily with a relief, so that you can see, so to speak, profiteroles with stuffing, and not just profiteroles, you do not know what, you need either a dense bag (made of cloth or film) or a syringe. If this does not exist – it’s best not to mess with the plastic bags, lay out the filling just a spoon. You will think, it will be without a relief! It does not affect the taste.

Ingredients for profiteroles with cheese

Sift flour.

Sift the flour

Bring milk with butter and salt to a boil.

Heat oil with milk

Remove the saucepan from the fire and pour the flour into the liquid. Stir thoroughly, rubbing possible lumps. We return to the stove and brew on low heat, constantly rubbing the dough with a spatula, for two minutes.

Brew the dough

Let the test cool down for a couple of minutes, after which we begin to intervene one egg at a time, each time mixing the dough to achieve a uniform consistency. The end result should look like a thick cream. I had four eggs, but, in principle, it may be necessary and the fifth – it depends on their size. If you feel at the end that the dough is dense, but the whole egg will still be too much – unbutton it and enter it in small portions, a tablespoon, so there is less chance of getting too liquid a custard batter, and it is fatal for this recipe.

Beat the dough with eggs

We put the dough on a baking sheet covered with confectionery paper. One profinrol – somewhere one tablespoon. The form is absolutely arbitrary.

Drain the dough on a baking sheet

In a preheated oven, bake the profiteroles at an average level of about 25 minutes at a temperature of 160 ° C if air circulation is used, or at a temperature of 180-200 ° C, if without circulation. At the end of baking, proficiency profilers should brown.

Bake Profiteroles

While profiteroles are baked, we are preparing the filling.

Young solid cheese three on a fine grater.

Grate cheese

If parsley is used, it is ground with salt and squeezed through garlic garlic into a gruel. Parsley should give juice.

Grind parsley with garlic

Add the cream cheese, turn the mixture in chopper or blender until uniform. If parsley is not used, then at this stage we add garlic and salt, the cheese is still turning until it becomes creamy.

Add cheese

Add grated cheese and butter at room temperature, homogenize the whole mixture with a blender or food processor. Get a thick cream. Keep it at room temperature.

Ready Cream

When profiteroles cool down, we cut off their covers with a knife and fill them with cheese mixture.

Snack profiteroles with cheese are ready.

The recipe for profiteroles with cheese

Bon Appetit!

Profiteroles with cheese