A delicious autumn mantle made from oil, which can be used for toast or stuffing in pies, patties and pancakes.


Oily – 500 g

Sunflower oil refined – 60 g

Onion – 1 head

Salt – to taste

  • 105 kcal
  • 1 h. 30 min.

Cooking process

Mushroom caviar is a delicious winter preparation, however, it can be made all year round from fresh or frozen mushrooms. Caviar from oily is not an exception, such caviar, except for freshly prepared, can be sterilized and prepared for the winter or simply freeze. It perfectly preserves its qualities and taste.

The year now was not mushroom, I was pleased only with honey mushrooms, butter mushrooms went closer to the snow, but still I managed to get a little, and I cooked caviar. From mushroom eggs from oil, you get an excellent filling for pancakes and pies. Sometimes carrots, celery root, are added to the caviar. Today I cooked caviar without these vegetables.

Photo of mushroom eggs from oily

To prepare mushroom eggs from oil, we prepare a minimum set of products.

Ingredients for oyster mushroom eggs

Mushrooms cleaned of debris, rinse well, pour water and cook, pouring water.

Boil mushrooms

In order not to clean the upper film and avoid the mucus that forms, I change the water several times during washing and cooking, each time straining the mushrooms through the colander, shaking them. A part of the mucus lingers in the holes.

Rinse the mushrooms

While the water is flowing from the mushrooms, fry the finely chopped onion in oil.

Fry the onion

Chop the boiled mushrooms.

Grind mushrooms

Add chopped mushrooms to fried onions until transparent.

Put the mushrooms to the onions

Fry the mushrooms until the liquid evaporates.

Fry the mushroom mass with onions

For storage, place the mushrooms in sterile jars and sterilize them in any way.

Transfer the mushroom eggs to the jar

In the fridge, mushroom eggs from oil are stored for several days, you can make sandwiches, fill it with profiteroles, patties, pancakes. If desired, rubbed garlic.

Recipe for mushroom eggs from oily

Mushroom Caviar from Oils