A simple recipe for champignons, stuffed with chicken and cheese, in the oven. Delicious appetizer for special occasions.


Champignons large – 8 pcs.

Onion – 1 pc.

Chicken thigh boiled – 300 g

Vegetable oil – 1-2 tablespoons.

Cheese hard – 100 g

Salt – to taste

Pepper – taste

  • 139 kCal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Stuffed mushrooms are one of the most popular snacks worldwide. What they do not just stuff, but the filling of chicken with cheese – this is probably one of the most beloved. To prepare champignons according to this recipe is very simple and fast, at the same time it turns out always delicious and beautiful. You will need a minimum number of products and a little time.

To prepare champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese, take the necessary food in the oven. Chicken thigh should be boiled for about 20 minutes in salted water.

Ingredients for champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese, in the oven

Mash champignons peel, remove the foot of the mushrooms. If the hats are too wrapped inside, they can be cut slightly to fit more fillings.

Cut mushrooms in the legs

Boiled chicken thigh removed from the bone, remove the skin. Finely chop along with onion and fry in vegetable oil until soft and beautiful golden color. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Fry the mushrooms with onions

Fix the form for baking with foil. Lay out the mushroom caps. For taste, you can grease them with a little lean mayonnaise. Put the stuffing.

Stuff hats with mushrooms and onions

Sprinkle with grated hard cheese of good quality of the rader type and bake until cooked in the oven, about 15 minutes at 180 degrees in the mode of upper and lower heating.

Sprinkle with cheese

Serve champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese, hot, watering the sauce that was released during baking.

Photo of champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese, in the oven