Carpaccio of venison is a delicious dish for gourmets, which will be appreciated by every lover of raw meat.


Venison – 150 g

Olive oil – 1 tbsp.

Shallot onion – 5 g

Cherry tomato – 2 pcs.

Garlic – 1 tooth

Balsamico cream – 2 tsp.

Salt – to taste

Ground pepper – to taste

Dry Provencal herbs – to taste

  • 155 kCal
  • 2 hours 10 minutes.

Cooking process

Carpaccio of reindeer in color – sooooo away from the scale of paintings by Vittorio Carpaccio, too this meat is dark, almost brown. It generally distinguishes a lot from other types of meat, more traditional for cooking this dish – for example, contact with vinegar and lemon juice changes the color of venison not for the better. And so when preparing it, you need to keep a couple of tricks.

As reindeer will be used not the northern, but a noble deer. Meat – a long time ripening at near-zero temperatures “in its own juice,” i.e. subjected to natural fermentation, and therefore gentle and soft. The cut is clearly visible on the picture on the package – it is a large muscular piece from the hip, the ideal pulp without a single fat and without veins. Seasonings are as follows: olive oil, balsamic cream (it is thicker than vinegar), shallots, garlic, cherry tomatoes, dry Provencal herbs, a mixture of ground pepper, salt. In fact, everything – to taste.

Ingredients for venison carpaccio

I will cut the meat with a slicer. Behind this name is an electric typewriter with a rotating knife-disk. In our family she was clapped “bread-cut”, but the “slicer”, of course, sounds steeper. So, in order to thinly slice raw meat with a slicer, it should ideally be frozen. I froze a piece right in the package, to bring to the desired consistency of 1300 grams. meat it took something about 2 hours in the freezer at a temperature of -30C. “The right consistency” is when the meat is already hardening, but it is still pressed by the hand, i.e. not completely frozen.

Prepare a piece of meat

While meat freezes, it makes sense to cook olive oil with pressed garlic through the press – let it be insisted, the taste will be more intense and even.

Combine the oil with garlic

Closer to the time of serving, thinly thinly chopped onions. It should be a little bit.

Cut the onion

Thinly sliced ​​tomatoes.

Cut the tomatoes

Slicer set to 0. Well, at least, my for this thickness is best set to 0, he understands adequately. If there is such a function, then tilt it at an angle. Overturn the slicer or not overturned – the meat needs to be pressed very hard against the cutting disc, in fact, to push. This allows you to immediately make a very thin cut, which does not require any more machining: as you see on the example of the blue rim of the plate, the meat turns transparent. If there is no way to make such a cutting on the slicer, then on our site in the carpaccio recipes various other options are shown, how you can come to the same result.

At me at such method of cutting, except for the big good pieces, small fragments of meat inevitably remain, so do not be surprised, if also at you remain.

Cut thin meat

If the meat is covered, the blood should be soaked with a kitchen cloth.

Wet the meat with a napkin

But now the tricks begin. Venison is a game, it is more intense to taste than other types of meat. Consequently, she needs more seasonings. Therefore, we will mop it from two sides. That is, to begin with, we will pour a part of olive oil with garlic, salt, ground pepper and Provencal herbs, as well as a cream-balsamic dish.

Pour a plate of oil with garlic and cream-balsamico

And on this basis, we’ll lay out our slices of venison.

Lay on the plate slices of meat

Next – the second part of olive oil with garlic, balsamic cream, salt, pepper, herbs and onions with tomatoes.

Pour meat sauce and put vegetables

Marinated our carpaccio and venison is no longer needed, it can immediately put on the table.

Photo of venison carpaccio

In Italy, carpaccio is an antipasti, i.e. served before meals, to arouse appetite.

The recipe for venison carpaccio