Carpaccio of mackerel with a piquant taste according to the unusual recipe of I. Lazerson.


Mackerel – 0.5 pcs. (about 100-120 g)

White pepper (crushed) – 1 pinch

Lemon juice – 3-4 tablespoons.

Sugar – 0.5 tsp.

Olive oil – 1 tbsp.

Green parsley (cilantro) – for filing

  • 170 kCal
  • 20 minutes.

Cooking process

I want to offer you an interesting recipe for carpaccio of mackerel according to the recipe of the St. Petersburg culinary specialist Ilya Lazerson. “Interest” is that carpaccio is prepared absolutely without salt. Yes, yes, it would seem, what kind of carpaccio is from fish and without salt ?! But this was the boss’s plan.

Deciding to try the recipe, I took only half of the mackerel, which I regretted, because I ate it very quickly. The taste is quite unusual, but lemon juice replaces salt very well. Sugar and white pepper ennoble the dish, add spice and softness to the taste. Pleasant and delicate taste!

Prepare ingredients for mackerel carpaccio.

Ingredients for mackerel carpaccio

White pepper knead in crumbs convenient for you way (pestle, cricket or in the mill).

Chop the peppers

Immediately take a plate in which we will serve carpaccio. Sprinkle a plate of white pepper and sugar.

Sprinkle a plate of pepper and sugar

Squeeze out the lemon juice and add the olive oil.

Pour oil and lemon juice

Spread everything with a spoon on a plate.

Grind butter with juice on a plate

Scoop gum, clean well and cut into obliquely thin slices. For convenience, do not unfreeze the fish completely. Frozen fish are much easier to cut.

Cut the mackerel

Lay the pieces of fish in one layer on a plate. Top with lemon juice. Lemon juice forms the taste of the dish, so be guided by your preferences.

Put mackerel on a plate

Greens of parsley or cilantro to wash, dry and sprinkle carpaccio of mackerel.

Sprinkle with parsley

Bon Appetit!

Recipe for carpaccio of mackerel

Carpaccio of mackerel