Cutlets from crab sticks with cheese and garlic are absolutely amazing hot dish with a consistency of roasted camembert and taste of fish!


Crab sticks – 250 g

Cheese hard – 150 g

Eggs – 2 pcs.

Flour – 1 tbsp.

Breadcrumbs – 45 g

Garlic – 1 tooth

Salt, black pepper – to taste

Oil – for frying

  • 237 kCal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Cutlets from crab sticks with cheese and garlic were a complete discovery for me! Before I read the name of the recipe on the Internet – it never occurred to me that such a thing could exist! All my consciousness, accustomed to the more conventional ways of consuming fish in general and crab sticks in particular, was desperately rebelling … But I have a son who for some reason categorically does not eat fish, but he adores crab sticks. Therefore, I by all truths and crooks strive to push into it microelements contained in the fish, at least in this way. In general, I had to take a chance and cook chops. And you know, they were much more delicious than what the imagination painted me! The only thing – do not look for a taste similar to the normal fish cutlets: in hot form they are more similar in consistence to croquettes or roasted camembert: creamy-soft inside, and with a delicious crispy crust from the outside. Taste … Taste is not childish and not cutlet. At all. To taste it – a cool hot appetizer! And only when it cools down completely – yes, then it becomes like fish cutlets.

My recipe is designed for the use of electric meat grinder, so it requires either frozen crab sticks, extracted from the freezer for 1 hour before the preparation, or fresh ones that are frozen to the point that they are no longer soft, but not solid as ice. Crab sticks – 250 gr. Cheese (I have a young gouda) – 150 gr. 2 eggs, 1 clove of garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Wheat flour – 1 tbsp, breadcrumbs – 45 gr. And, and more – oil for frying. More, because such things are good, as it were, to freeze, i.e. immerse in butter to half the thickness of cutlets.

Ingredients for cutlets from crab sticks with cheese and garlic

I miss both crab sticks and pieces of cheese crawling into the socket of the meat grinder, through a meat grinder, through a nozzle with large holes. Frozen crab sticks can be grated on a grater, not subjected to freezing – chop the combine or chopper. The same with cheese – I think everyone will figure out how to grind it.

Twist crab sticks and cheese in a meat grinder

We introduce into the stuffing one egg, chopped garlic and salt and pepper through garlic. Do not overdo it with spices – the sticks and cheese have enough of their own taste. We mix the mixture until uniform.

Add egg, garlic, salt and pepper

We form 4 cutlets and we pour them in flour.

Roll the cutlets in flour

The second egg is blended with a fork in a bowl, in which it is real to dip a cutlet.

Beat in egg bowl

We dip the patties in a loosened egg, after which we pan them in breadcrumbs.

Roll the cutlets in breadcrumbs

We warm the skillet in oil and fry cutlets from crab sticks with cheese from all sides until golden brown (about 5 minutes).

To fry cutlets

From the moment I started to take the film off the crab sticks, until ready, 30 minutes. Which was preceded by 1 hour of thawing. In my opinion, a good result!

Photo of cutlets from crab sticks with cheese and garlic