My crab salad with pickled cucumber is an excellent alternative to the usual salad of crab sticks!


Crab sticks – 200 g

Chicken eggs – 2 pcs.

Pickled cucumbers – 100 g

Corn canned – 100 g

Cheese hard – 50 g

Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp.

Salt and pepper – to taste

  • 146 kcal
  • 40 min.

Cooking process

I love salads from crab sticks, they are usually light, look beautiful on the festive table, and the products in them are usually quite affordable.

Today I will offer you a salad of crab sticks with salted cucumber – a salad that will please you with the novelty of taste!

Prepare all the products on the list.

Ingredients for salad with crab sticks and pickled cucumber

Let’s start the salad preparation by boiling the hard-boiled eggs, draining the water and letting the eggs cool. And while the eggs cool, prepare the remaining ingredients of the salad.

Crab sticks cut into a large cube.

Cut crab sticks

Transfer the cut crab sticks into a bowl.

Put crab sticks in a bowl

With canned corn salt the liquid, lay the corn to the crab sticks.

Put the corn

Pickled cucumbers from the brine and cut into small cubes.

Cut the cucumber

With the eggs cooled off, we remove the shell and cut the eggs also with a small cube.

Cut the eggs

Lay out the chopped eggs and cucumbers to the rest of the ingredients.

Connect the cut components

Add mayonnaise, salt and black pepper powder.

Put the mayonnaise, salt and pepper

Part of the cheese left for decoration, literally 1 tablespoon, the rest of the cheese we put in a bowl. Well we mix the salad with mayonnaise.

Add cheese

Salad with crab sticks and salted cucumber is ready. Let’s put the salad in the fridge for 20 minutes, then put it in a salad bowl and serve it to the table.

Salad recipe with crab sticks and pickled cucumber

Bon Appetit!

Photo of salad with crab sticks and pickled cucumber