Wonderful salad with pineapple and crab sticks. The recipe will be useful to all fans of unusual, but very interesting combinations of products


Crab sticks – 350 g

Cheese Russian – 250 g

Eggs boiled – 3 pcs.

Pineapple canned (slices) – 250 g

Mayonnaise – about 300 g

Garlic – 4 denticles

Salt, pepper, greens – to taste

  • 268 kCal
  • 20 minutes.

Cooking process

This salad, first of all, will appeal to fans of unusual combinations of sweet fruits with meat, fish, chicken or, like here, crab sticks. The combination of the products in the salad is really unusual, but everyone who has tried it at least once, has never given up the supplement. If there is a desire to experiment with non-traditional combinations of familiar products, I advise you to try.

To prepare a puffed salad with crab sticks and pineapples, prepare all the necessary products from the list.

Ingredients for puff pastry with crab sticks and pineapple

Mix mayonnaise with garlic, passed through the press.

Combine mayonnaise with garlic

Grate cheese and eggs on a grater, combine with garlic mayonnaise, put a third of this mass in a salad dressing. Top with half the crab sticks cut into small cubes. You can pepper a little or salt, I did not.

Put the cheese, eggs and crab sticks

With pineapple, drain the syrup and put half of the pieces on the crab sticks.

Put Pieces of Pineapple

Then add another third of the cheese-egg mass. Again, if necessary, you can melt salted or pepper.

Put the cheese-egg mass

Repeat a layer of crab sticks and a layer of pineapple. Finish the salad with a layer of the remaining cheese-egg mass with garlic mayonnaise. At this stage, you can add greens to the taste, for example, fresh parsley.

Repeat the layers of salad

Layered salad with crab sticks and pineapple ready. Refrigerate it for an hour in the refrigerator, then serve to the table. Bon Appetit!

Photo of a puffed salad with crab sticks and pineapple