Juicy, crispy and light salad with chicken and bell pepper will please everyone! It will satiate and please with a bright color.


Chicken breast – 0.5 pcs.

Sweet pepper – 1 pc.

Sweet onions – 1 pc.

Green peas (frozen) – 4 tbsp.

Celery stalk – 1 petiole

Fresh parsley – 3 sprigs

Fresh dill – 3 sprigs

Olive oil – 3 tbsp.

Balsamic vinegar – 1 tbsp.

Paprika – 1 tsp.

Salt – pinch

Black pepper – to taste

  • 108 kCal
  • 40 min.

Cooking process

There are still many winter days ahead. To maintain themselves in tone, vitamins are needed. Than to drink tablets, it is better to prepare a vitamin salad. For nourishment, add the chicken breast. Vegetables are better to take a variety of colors, and the salad not only sates, but will please the eye with brightness.

To make a salad with chicken breast and bell pepper even more useful, fill it with olive oil. But I will tell you a secret, with a mayonnaise salad is also good!

Prepare all the ingredients for the salad.

Ingredients for salad with chicken breast and bell pepper

Chicken breast washed and dried, cut into small cubes. We’ll salivate and pepper it, put a dry cap with it. Leave it for 10 minutes.

Add spices and salt to the meat.

In a frying pan fry 5-7 minutes of chicken breast. Let’s leave it cool.

To fry chicken fillet

We will fill the green peas with hot water and cook in the microwave. Immediately fill with cold water.

Pour peas with water

Cut the celery, sweet pepper and onion into small cubes.

Cut the celery, pepper and onions

Let’s combine the chopped vegetables and chicken breast.

To put peas

We add finely chopped greens, we will pour balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Put greens and meat

Gently mix, taste, if necessary, add salt and pepper.

Ready-made salad with chicken breast and bell pepper

Delicious and bright salad with chicken breast and Bulgarian pepper is ready!

Photo of a salad with chicken breast and bell pepper

Recipe for salad with chicken breast and bell pepper