Roll of cheese omelet with stuffing is a great snack for all occasions. It is prepared easily, simply and quickly!


Eggs – 5 pcs.

Hard cheese – 80-100 g

Sour cream (15-20%) – 120 g

A mixture of Italian herbs (optional) – 0.5 tsp.

Salt – to taste

Pepper black ground – to taste

Processed curds – 4 pcs.

Garlic – 3-4 cloves (or to taste)

Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp.

Dill – 1 bunch (small size)

  • 241 kcal
  • 25 min.

Cooking process

Roll of cheese omelet with stuffing is a great snack for all occasions. Due to the availability of products and the speed of the process, such a roll can be easily prepared for an ordinary family dinner, and due to the elegant look and bright taste, any festive table can decorate with such a roll.

With stuffing for roulette, you can safely experiment, instead of melted cheese you can take liver pate or cottage cheese with feta / cheese and herbs.

To prepare a roll from a cheese omelet with a filling we take: eggs, hard cheese, sour cream, dry herbs, processed cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, dill, and also salt and pepper.

Ingredients for a roll of cheese omelet with filling

To prepare the base for the egg roll in a bowl, break the eggs. We add to them herbs and a pinch of salt and pepper. Salts are added quite a bit, as the filling layer turns out to be quite large, and the melted cheese and mayonnaise are usually salty enough, so it is better to make the base more neutral. Lightly stir the eggs with whisk.

Pour spices and salt to the eggs.

On a fine grater, rub the cheese and add it together with sour cream to the egg mass.

Add sour cream and cheese

Stir until homogeneous.

Stir the egg mass

The baking tray is lined with baking paper (the paper must be of high quality!) And poured an egg mixture on it for the base of the roll. Slightly level it with a spatula.

Pour the egg mass onto a baking sheet

Bake the egg omelet for about 10 minutes at 180 C. The omelet must completely grasp, and its edges should lightly brown.

Bake Omelette

On the desktop, lay out a blank sheet of parchment and turn over on it a ready omelet. We separate its bottom from the paper. In this form, leave the omelet cool.

Put omelet on parchment

Prepare the filling. In a bowl on a small grater we rub fused curds (for this they can be pre-frozen slightly before, then they will be easier to grate), we add to them the cloves of garlic, passed through the press, as well as finely chopped dill.

Combine cheese, garlic and dill

Also add the mayonnaise to the grated cheeses and mix everything well.

Stir the filling

The resulting filling is applied to the cooled base.

Lubricate the omelette with stuffing

Fold the layer into a tight roll.

Roll the omelette into a roll

The formed roll is wrapped in paper or in a food film and in this form we send it to the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes or until the moment of filing.

Roll the roll into parchment

Chilled roll of cheese omelet with filling cut into small pieces, put them on a dish, and our snack is ready to serve.

Photo of a roll of cheese omelet with filling

Bon Appetit!