A recipe for risottos with the addition of squid fillets on the broth in which they were brewed.


Squids (fillets) – 2-3 pcs.

Rice arborio – 1 glass

Broth – 2.5 cups

White dry wine – 50 ml

Olive oil – 2 tbsp.

Butter – 1-2 tbsp.

Onions – 0,5-1 head

Garlic – 2 cloves

Dry fragrant herbs – 1-2 pinch

Parmesan cheese – 25-30 g

Peppers – to taste

Salt – to taste

  • 135 kCal
  • 45 min.

Cooking process

For risotto with squid, use rice arborio or other, intended for risotto. Though it is possible to prepare and from usual round-grain, and too it will be tasty, only structure and a consistence it will turn out a little not those …

Squids recommend first in a quick cook and the resulting broth used for cooking rice. Then, in the almost ready dish, send also tender pieces of squid. Risotto with squid can be improved before serving with cream, butter or Parmesan, and also with this whole set, so to speak.

Prepare the ingredients in the list for the recipe.

Ingredients for risotto with squid

First of all, cook squid fillets. To do this, prepare a saucepan with boiling salted water with spices, such as dry Provencal herbs and pea peppers.

Put pepper and herbs in water

Cut the squid fillets into rings or other pieces and immediately throw them into the boiling water.

Cut the squid

When the water boils again, remove the squid with a whisk or throw it into the colander.

Strain the broth and save it, it will be needed for cooking rice.

Boil squid

Heat the olive oil with the garlic until it is browned.

Fry the garlic

Garlic clean and fry on the resulting oil and pour finely chopped onions.

Fry the onion

Then add the dry rice and fry it over medium heat until whitening.

Pour rice

They also call it “pearl color with transparent edges”.

Fry rice with onions

The first liquid to be added and let completely absorbed by rice is white wine.

Pour the wine

Then, in portions, take one broth as you soak up the broth from the squid cooking.

To pour broth

Prepare the rice with stirring over medium heat, without the lid.

Boil rice

With the last portion of the broth, add slices or rings of squid and butter.

Add squid and butter

Stirring is not necessary, even if it is brewed, that is. This portion of the broth is absorbed, and the squid on top of the rice lie.

Cook rice with squid

Parmesan finely grate.

Rub cheese

Ready to serve risotto with Parmesan, and if it is not, then without it … Also delicious.

Recipe for risotto with squid

Risotto with squid is ready.

Photo of risotto with squid

Bon Appetit!