A proven recipe for fluffy grandmother patties on kefir, cooked with a minimum amount of yeast.


For the test:

Kefir 250-500 ml

Wheat Flour – 500-1000 g

Food soda – 1 / 3-1 / 2 tsp.

Yeast fast – 2-4 pinch

Sunflower oil – 3-6 tablespoons.

Salt – 1 / 2-2 tsp.

Eggs of chicken – 1-2 pcs.

For filling:

Mashed potatoes – to taste

Green onion – 1 beam

Salt – to taste

Additional ingredient:

Sunflower oil – for frying

  • 187 kCal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

The recipe for “grandmother’s” patties on kefir came from my grandmother Maria. And the granny is very young even for her grandmother, but she does not hate the cooking of delicate and lush potato pies with green onions for her grandchildren. The recipe for kefir dough is very simple. Pies from the grandmother of Maria can cook even lazy mistresses, for whom it is easier to buy dough in cooking. I promise, everything will be much faster than in classic yeast pies.

For the test, we need products from the list. We focus on quantity. From a glass of kefir it turns out pirozhki for 6 persons. From 500 ml – for 12 people.

Ingredients for dough

Kefir leaves in a glass bowl. Baking soda is introduced. Kefir and soda should be placed on a steam bath and brought to a warm state.

Pour into the kefir soda

In the process of heating, kefir is beaten, as it were, with a whisk to form bubbles.

In warm kefir comes part of the flour and dry yeast.

Pour flour and yeast

Then – warm chicken eggs, sunflower oil and salt. The ingredients are mixed into a semi-liquid dough.

Add eggs and butter

Gradually the rest of the flour is introduced.

Add flour

When mixing the test, you need to switch to manual mode. That’s how much flour will take a dough – so much for it. I got a gentle and elastic bun, and you?

Knead the dough

Wrap the bun in a bag and send it to the freezer for 15 minutes. A test for grandmother’s patties on kefir with a minimum amount of yeast does not need a proofing.

Put the dough in a bag

While the dough cools, potato filling, green onions and salt are prepared.

Ingredients for filling

Chopped green onions are mixed together with mashed potatoes in minced meat. The taste is salt.

Combine mashed potatoes with onion

Chilled kolobok kefir dough well rolled with flour and is divided into parts.

Ready-made dough

It rolls into the sausage, from which the balls form.

Divide the dough into parts

The balls are rolled into thin cakes and filled with potato stuffing.

Put the filling on the dough

The patties of Mary’s grandmother are crescent shaped. You can invent something of your own – it’s not a matter of principle.

To properly close the filling in the process of modeling, you need to use flour.

To make pies

The crescents are sent by suture down into the frying pan heated with oil. Toast on medium heat until rouge. Turn over and fry on the other side until ready.

To fry pies

What are they fluffy and tender – these grandmother’s pies on kefir! The dough bubbles no less than yeast.

The recipe for grandmother's patties on kefir

Help yourself, dear lovers of homemade pies!

Photo of grandmother's pies on kefir