Delicate pancakes with sour cream and red caviar is an excellent breakfast that will energize you for the whole day.



Egg of chicken – 2 pcs.

Milk – 400 ml

Water 400 ml

Wheat Flour – 300 g

Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp.

Salt is small – 2 tsp.

Sugar – 2 tbsp.

Butter – 3 tbsp.


Caviar – 120 g

Sour cream – 5 tablespoons.

  • 186 kCal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

Pancakes are so delicious and versatile dish that you can cook them every day.

We used to eat pancakes with sweet or salty sauces, stuff them with various fillings, but at all times there was a favorite combination of pancakes with red fish or caviar.

Today I’ll show you how you can elegantly serve the usual pancakes. This option is convenient to eat, you get a mini-portion of this. Pancakes with caviar and sour cream are delicious both in cold and warm.

Dough for pancakes can be prepared in any favorite way.

Ingredients for pancakes with caviar and sour cream

I cook this way: in a bowl, break eggs, add salt and sugar, water and vegetable oil. To stir thoroughly.

Pour out the flour and mix so that there are no lumps.

Combine eggs, water, flour and sugar

Pour out the milk portions, constantly stirring the whisk until the dough becomes homogeneous.

Pour in the milk

Bake dough out of the dough. I baked on a pancake maker.

To fry a pancake

Grease pancakes with butter.

Lubricate pancakes with oil

Pancake thickly grease with sour cream and roll with a tube.

Smear the pancake with sour cream

Cut pancake “tubes” (size determine yourself).

Cut pancake rolls

Top up the caviar.

Put the red caviar

You can do another option. At the pancake to lay eggs and also roll.

Put the red caviar on the pancake

Cut into portions.

Cut pancake roll with caviar

And put sour cream on top.

Decorate with sour cream

Serve pancakes with caviar and sour cream immediately.

Recipe for pancakes with caviar and sour cream

Photo of pancakes with caviar and sour cream

Bon Appetit.

Pancakes with caviar and sour cream