Beautiful, tasty, useful and quick spinach pancakes are a real wand, especially for working mothers.


Wheat flour (with slide) – 1 glass

Milk – 2 cups

Egg of chicken – 2 pcs.

Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp.

Sugar (without roller coaster) – 1 tbsp.

Salt – pinch

Spinach – 0.5 tufts

  • 152 kCal
  • 20 minutes.

Cooking process

Fast spinach pancakes are a real wand, especially for working moms. Once at breakfast my men asked pancakes, but there was not much time, so I thought, why not cook the dough in 30 seconds. Since that time, I often use this option, especially if they want colorful pancakes.

To make fast spinach pancakes, take the food in the list. By the way, in winter you can take frozen spinach, it is sold here in such cubes, one is enough for this number of products. It needs to be thawed.

Ingredients for fast spinach pancakes

In a blender to combine all the ingredients, flour is best sifted. While the season – we add fresh spinach.

Combine the ingredients in a blender

Turn on the 2-3 speed and break all the ingredients into a uniform state in a matter of seconds.

Whip the dough

Lubricate the frying pan with oil, pour the dough out of the blender bowl into the heated frying pan and bake on low heat. Bake pancakes very quickly, see that they do not acquire a yellowish color.

To fry pancakes

Serve with sour cream, you can with your favorite stuffing. I love with curd cream, sun dried tomatoes and basil.

Fast spinach pancakes are ready. Pleasant!

Photo of fast spinach pancakes