A very useful drink with an amazing berry taste of black currant.


Black currant – 1 glass

Sugar – 3 items of l.

Potato starch – 3 tbsp.

Water – 1-1,5 l

  • 41 kCal
  • 15 minutes.

Cooking process

I recommend you to prepare a jelly from black currant, a drink that will conquer its magnificent taste, pleasant berry sour, delicate aroma and velvety.

The recipe for jelly from black currant

Prepare the products for the drink. Cooking jelly can be made from fresh black currant, and frozen, pre-letting it a little thaw.

Ingredients for black currant jelly

Black currant wipe with a wooden spoon through a sieve.

Wipe black currant

Juice to set aside, and pancake from the currant, pour water and cook. After boiling water, reduce the heat and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes.

Cook the currant

Strain the berry drink through a sieve and reinstall it on the fire. We do not need any pancakes.

Strain the berry drink

Add sugar to the drink and boil 2-3 minutes before dissolving the sugar. The amount of sugar can be taken to your taste, making a kissel slightly sweet or sour.

Pour sugar

In a bowl, add the starch.

Strew starch in a bowl

Add a little water, about half a cup, stir the starch so that there are no lumps.

Pour water into the starch

Pour into the hot drink pressed juice of currant and diluted starch, stirring constantly, bring to a thickening. Here are all the basic steps of making a kissel from black currant.

Pour currant juice and starch water

Finished kissel cool.

Photo of a jelly from a black currant

Enjoy a healthy and delicious blackcurrant drink!

Ready-made blackcurrant jelly

Tasty, bright, useful!

Kissel from black currant