A simple and very useful recipe for cooking zucchini. The garnish is prepared in a multivariate and is suitable for baby food.


Zucchini courgette – 1 pc.

Salt – to taste

Carrots – in addition

Olive oil – to taste

  • 24 kCal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Juicy, wholesome, fiber-rich vegetable – Mr. Zucchini! The season of zucchini almost ended and you need to have time to please the body with super useful food. Prepare the marrows in a multivarquet. Steam zucchini will be served as a useful side dish for adults and children.

Babies cooked in a double boiler zucchini is recommended to use as puree as the first complementary food, but then the vegetable must be cooked without salt.

For the preparation of steam bars courtesy of any variety. I stopped at the zucchini zucchini. Their taste has a rich hue, and the pulp is more tolerant of cooking.

Products take from the list of ingredients.

Ingredients for zucchini in a multivariate

Zucchini must be peeled with a potato knife.

Clean vegetables

Peel the dried zucchini in wide circles.

Cut the marrow

Using a teaspoon, remove the seeds, turning the mugs into cute rings.

Remove seeds from zucchini

Part of the rings split into halves.

Cut the marrow into halves

Lubricate the “steam” mesh of the multivark with olive oil.

Distribute squash rings and half rings around the grid so that the steam is evenly in contact with courgettes on all sides. Season the vegetables with salt.

Salt zucchini

At the request of zucchini you can add any other favorite vegetables: potatoes, carrots, onions or bell peppers. I choose a carrot.

Put the carrots to the courgettes

Fill the main multivarker container with 2/3 water. Place on top of the grid with zucchini. Cook the dish in a closed multivarquet for 30 minutes in “steaming” mode.

Install the program

Courgettes for a couple in the multivark are ready! Enjoy a healthy garnish yourself or cook mashed potatoes for a children’s table.

The recipe for zucchini in a multicrew