Prepare a zucchini in a grill pan, and a delicious side dish or a light salad with the smell of smoke will conquer you and your family.


Squash (small) – 1 pc.

Vegetable oil – 1 tsp.

Salt – pinch

Black pepper – to taste

  • 22 kCal
  • 20 minutes.

Cooking process

Zucchini – a versatile vegetable. All those who truly love them know that from them and with them you can cook anything, from soup to jam.

Today we prepare zucchini in a pan-grill, they are very delicious, juicy, “with a smoke.”

To fry zucchini in a grill, you need only the zucchini, a little oil and salt.

Ingredients for zucchini in a frying pan

The courgette is cut into thin plates. The size depends on what you are going to cook. If there are rolls, cut the plates along the entire length of the squash.

Cut the marrow

If there is a salad, then the plates can be cut smaller, and fry more convenient, and the frying pan will fit more.

Cut zucchini into strips

We will heat the frying pan. We will grease it with vegetable oil. We will smear it! If you pour a lot, then the oil will splash! I smear a frying pan with a piece of paper towel soaked in oil.

Put the squash in the pan

Fry on each side for 2-3 minutes, until the characteristic scorching. Then repeat the process so that the zucchini has a mesh.

To fry zucchini

That’s all! Marrows in the frying pan are ready. Let’s add them to taste and leave for a moment to soften.

Fried zucchini

Just fry small pieces.

Put the squash on the plate

With such vegetable marrows you can prepare a salad garnish. Any vegetables are fried in a frying pan in the same way as zucchini. I took tomatoes, onions, peppers. Tomatoes are better to take dense, better – sorts of plums.

Put the vegetables in the pan

Fry vegetables

Put the vegetables on a plate

With fried zucchini you can cook burgers or sandwiches.

We laminate long plates with grated cheese mixed with garlic and mayonnaise, and roll into a roll. There will be a great snack.

Marrows in a frying pan

For salad zucchini cut into small pieces. Mix them with other vegetables. Season with olive oil, pepper, balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle with herbs.

Photo of zucchini in grill

Bon Appetit!

Recipe zucchini in a frying pan