Baked turkey thigh is an excellent solution for a dense dinner.


Turkey thigh – 1 pc.

Soy sauce – 100 ml

Salt – to taste

Provencal herbs – 2 tbsp.

  • 142 kCal
  • 1 h. 20 min.

Cooking process

Turkey has a tender, soft meat, which can be easily cooked in a short time. If a multivark comes to the rescue, then everything – all the stars come together and the dinner will turn out to be full, tasty, and my mother will be happy, since today her participation in preparing the dinner was minimal.

Such an appetizing piece of meat can be served on a festive table, it is convenient to take along on the road, and you can cut it in thin slices and use it for making sandwiches. The turkey thigh in the multivark is juicy, delicate, very very delicious.

The recipe for a turkey in a multi-

Prepare the necessary ingredients.

Ingredients for turkey thigh in multivark

Throw the turkey thigh with running water, for the need to pluck the remains of feathers, wipe them with napkins and put them in a deep bowl. Pour the thigh with soy sauce and leave for 20-30 minutes, periodically turning over.

Pour the thigh with soy sauce

Put the turkey in the bowl of the multivarquet and grate with olive oil and herbs. With salt, you need to be careful, as the soy sauce is salted.

Put the meat in the multi-

Close the multivark and turn on the “Baking” function for 1 hour. During this time, you do not need to open it, turn over meat or pour in water! Do your own business! Do not touch the multivarker!

Install the program

When the multivarke calls, get an appetizing ruddy piece of turkey and put it on the dish.

To fry a turkey thigh

The meat is tender, soft, insanely aromatic. Rather, we call everyone to the table. As a side dish, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, porridges or pasta will do. Baked in a multi-turkey turkey thigh perfectly combined with fresh vegetables or salads.

Thigh turkey in multivark

Bon Appetit. Cook with love.

Photo of turkey thigh in multivark