Goose in the goose bump is very delicate, juicy and with a more intense taste than when baked. A gravy – all the fingers lick!


Goose – 5.2 kg

Onion – 2 kg

Tomatoes – 10 pcs.

Garlic – 5 denticles

Carrots – 1 pc.

Parsley – 1 pc.

Pasternak – 1 pc.

Laurel leaf – 5 pcs.

Salt – 5 tsp without a hill

White table wine 750 ml

  • 252 kCal
  • 6 hours

Cooking process

How many years I cook goose, and for the first time such an annoyance happened: when I thawed it and took it out of the package, I found out that the skin on my chest was damaged. So, bake it in my most beloved way was not possible – with his skin stretched out at the point of rupture, and the meat of the breast turned out to be overdried. And so I decided to try to cook a goose in a goose in the oven.

Theoretically, I knew about this method of cooking, I myself have not done it myself. A gusyatnitsa was in my household from my mother-in-law. The recipe was also found in her. The recipe is much more complicated than baking, but to taste it turns out definitely better – the goose is stewed, immersed in liquid with seasonings. In appearance – this is definitely an everyday recipe, you can not put it on a festive table. Well, actually, in the family of the mother-in-law and was instituted. They themselves raised geese, so that they had on the table it was almost the main meat.

Since geese are of very different sizes, the weight of some ingredients must be recalculated. So, for every full kilogram goose – 400 gr. white onion, 1 clove of garlic, 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp. salt without roller coaster, 20 gr. butter and 1-2 tomatoes. Products that are taken regardless of the weight of the goose are carrots, parsley and celery (or any other vegetables for flavoring broths, one piece) and 750 ml of white wine. German wines are normally dry enough.

Ingredients for goose in gooseberry

Oven should be put on warming up to 250 C, if there is, then with air circulation.

The first step is very strange. Obviously, it prevents the burning of the back of the goose to the bottom of the gusyatnitsy. Butter (and its on a five-kilogram goose – a decent amount!) Is smeared on the bottom of the gosyatnitsy. Not evenly, but to be in the center, under the goose.

Put the butter in the goose fry

The goose is laid on the oil on the back. Pads of fat are removed from the area of ​​the tail, it will not be used in this recipe.

Put in goose goose

If the oven has already warmed to 250, then put the goose in the oven, if not, then wait and set, and while we are engaged in cleaning and slicing onions and garlic. Luke we have a lot – 2 kg. We cut by rings. In the course of the matter, the oven is already exactly warmed up, put the goose into it, and we cut the onions all by ourselves.

Cut the onion

Garlic is also cut, as you please.

Cut the garlic

When onion and garlic are sliced, remove the goose from the oven and overlay it with onion and garlic. In order to lay the onion cushion under the goose, raise it with a spoon or spatula. By the way, here it is already clearly visible, what would have happened to me with the breast, bake this goose in my usual way.

Put onions

Goose put back in the oven, all at the same 250 C with air circulation, and we ourselves carrots, parsley and parsnip.

Peel carrots and parsley root

Tomatoes cut into halves or quarters – depending on the size of tomatoes.

Cut the tomatoes

When the goose’s surface is gilded, we report tomatoes to it, salt it, add parsley, carrots and parsnips, and also a bay leaf. Water the goose with wine so as to wash off some salt. Close the lid and put in the oven at 150 C (ie, greatly reduce the temperature) for hours to 5. The criterion of readiness – the meat falls off the bones. That’s why this dish is not festive. It looks as if it’s mostly obscene.

Put tomatoes to goose

When the skin broke, and the meat began to fall off the bones, remove the goose from the gusyatnitsy and shake out the bones. Meat – the softest, very tender and tasty – it completely grew, the consistency is different than that of the baked goose.

Separate the meat from the bones

And we put the gusatnitsa with liquid on the burner on a strong fire. Lavrushka and roots are caught, and the remaining is evaporated before the onion gets the consistency of not boiled, but roasted, and the liquid begins to acquire transparency (the water will evaporate, the onion will absorb the meat juice, and what remains will be, in fact, goose fat ).

Boil fat with vegetables

Fat drained, thickens left. In general, when I saw what I had in the pan after evaporation, I decided that my mother-in-law had once again confused with the recipe – she had already done such jokes several times. It looked somehow inedible. However, people, this bow is generally the most delicious fried onions that I’ve ever had in my life! Actually, the goose in comparison with it is nonsense, and it seems that all this dish was made exclusively for the sake of onions!

Strain the fat

Good side dishes for stewed in a goose berry goose with onions – mashed potatoes, rice or buckwheat.

Photo of a goose in a goose