Classic manicure on kefir in a multivariate turns out incredibly tasty and magnificent. Do not miss!


Kefir (yogurt or curdled milk) – 1 glass (200 ml)

Manka – 150 g (1 glass)

Flour – 100 g (2/3 cup)

Butter – 100 g

Eggs – 3 pieces.

Sugar – about 1 cup

Baking powder – 1 tsp.

Raisins, prunes, dried apricots or dates – to taste

Vanilla, cinnamon, saffron or peel – to taste

Sweet pastas or jam – to taste

  • 220 kCal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

Mannick is an excellent dish for breakfast or for a hearty snack. Cooked in a multivark, it turns out fluffy and somewhat less dry than in the oven. For the mannik use the “baking” mode or set up “multipovar”. The time of the “baking” mode is recommended – one hour, but depends on the size of the bowl and the height of the dough in it.

Add in the basic recipe fruit or dried fruits, all kinds of spices and spices, each time getting a new taste. In the mannika baked in the multivirus, the top turns bright, so I recommend it somehow: jam, jam, sweet pastas or fruit.

Prepare the ingredients:

Ingredients for mannika on kefir

Pour the mango with kefir (or other fermented milk products) and let it swell.

Semolina with kefir

Stir the mass with sugar and eggs.

Sugar with eggs

Add the softened butter. Stir.

Add the butter to the eggs

Combine the mixture with flour, baking powder and spices. I have a baking powder with saffron.

Add flour

Stir and dough for manna is ready.

Dough for manna

Pour the dough into the greased cup of the multivark, enter the additives: fruit or dried fruits, then – dates.

Pour the dough for the mannik into the bowl of the multivark

Set the “baking” mode and after the beep, the manic is ready.

In my experience, the baking time is about 45 minutes, but usually about one hour is recommended.

We bake a mannik on kefir in a multivark

Cool the mannik.

Ready manicure

Mannik on kefir in the multivarquet is ready.

Cut of the mannik on kefir

More photos of the mannik on kefir

Make a mannik to serve your taste, for example, with sweet pastas. Here caramel and chocolate-nut pastes “Zdrava”.

Mannika recipe on kefir in a multivark

Have a nice tea!