The recipe for making a dessert pie-mannika on kefir in a multivark. Mannick prepares without flour.


Semolina – 1.5 cups

Kefir – 500 ml

Eggs of chicken – 2 pcs.

Sugar – 100 g

Vanillin – 1,5 g

Food soda – 1/3 tsp.

Salt – 1 pinch

Raisins (dark) – 100 g

  • 149 kCal
  • 1 h. 30 min.

Cooking process

Mannick is a hearty dessert pie from semolina. Today I prepared the most delicious mannik on kefir without flour in a multivark. Manna dough supplemented with raisins. It turned out one great sweet delicacy. Mannik on kefir without flour – this is the dessert that will suit the children’s table, too.

Take the products from the list.

Ingredients for mannika on kefir without flour in a multivark

Pour semolina into the bowl.

Pour into a bowl of semolina

Pour it warm kefir.

Pour kefir

Munch with kefir thoroughly mix. Leave for 30 minutes for swelling.

Stir the mango with kefir

In a separate bowl, combine the egg yolk with sugar and vanilla.

Combine the yolk with sugar

Rub on the white.

Grind yolks with sugar

Add the swollen empy to the egg mixture.

Put the manga

Stir well.

Stir the dough

Add the raisins. Raisins must first be rinsed with boiling water and squeezed.

Put the raisins

In a separate container, whip the chicken proteins with baking soda. Add the resulting foam from the proteins to the base dough.

Enter whipped proteins

Stir gently so that the lush protein foam does not fall. Dough for mannik is ready!

Ready-made dough

Lubricate the main multivar bowl with butter. Pour the dough into it quickly.

Pour the dough into a bowl of multivarkers

Bake manicure on kefir without flour in a multivarquet in the “baking” mode for at least 60 minutes.

Bake cake

Pry the sides of the mannik with a silicone spatula so that the mannik is behind the mold. Carefully flip it down with a bonnet. Cook another 5 minutes, until light brown.

Serve manicure with raisins for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Have a nice tea!

Recipe of mannik on kefir without flour in multivark

Mannic on kefir without flour in a multivark