Unexpectedly successful combination of products – peas and pearl barley! Hot, hearty dish. Find for fasting days, if you exclude cheese.


Peas – 200 g

Perlovka – 100 g

Water – 800 ml

Adyghe cheese – 170 g

Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.

Salt, spices, greens – to taste

  • 110 kcal
  • 2 hours
  • 5 minutes.

Cooking process

A set of products for such a simple dish as pea porridge with pearl barley and cheese is quite simple: peas, pearl barley, Adyghe cheese, water. Vegetable oil will be needed to fry the cheese. You also need salt.

Spices and greens are added to your taste, but it is worth noting that these ingredients significantly decorate the dish, so do not neglect them.

Ingredients for pea porridge with pearl bar and cheese

Peas and pearl rump and wash it in a saucepan. Fill up BOILING (!!!) water to rid yourself of the hassle with not boiled peas. Add the salt. You can put a bay leaf. Bring to a boil, remove the foam and, reducing the fire, cook until done.

Combine peas and pearl barley

Readiness is determined by almost completely boiled peas and soft pearl barley. This may take a different time, depending on the fire. But to cook pea porridge with pearl barley is better on minimal fire. Porridge turns viscous, better let it be more liquid, because it will thicken significantly after standing.

Boil the porridge until ready

Adyghe cheese is an ornament of pea porridge with pearl barley, but roasting cheese is not the most primitive process. There may be difficulties: a strong spray of oil (depends on the moisture content of the cheese), a crumbling cheese (a slightly heated frying pan and a lot of cheese was laid out), burnt cheese (digressed and over-restrained cheese).

Cut the cheese

On a well-heated frying pan with oil (you can put a little spice in the oil), lay out pieces of cheese in pieces, so that they do not touch each other. When one side is browned, then start turning the cubes and fry the other barrel. Later it is already possible to turn the cubes with a shovel, they should not collapse already. Adyghe cheese is fried fairly quickly, so do not leave the process unattended.

Fry the cheese

Prepare a hot pea porridge with pearl barley in a warm plate, add cubes of fried cheese, add greens. Serve to the table.

Recipe for pea porridge with pearl barley and cheese

Pea porridge with pearl barley and cheese