Do not miss the opportunity to prepare the ketchup “Fingers lick” from tomatoes for the winter – with garlic, without sterilization … Ideal billet!


Tomatoes – 1 kg

Onion – 70 g

Apples – 170 g

Sugar – 100 g

Salt – 1 tsp.

Vinegar – 15 ml

Black pepper powder – 10 g

Red chilli pepper – 10 g

Paprika powder – 10 g

Garlic – 2 teeth

  • 53 kCal
  • 2 hours

Cooking process

If you prefer homemade ketchup for reliable, proven recipes, then I will offer you my version of ketchup “Fingers lick” from tomatoes, which is good for storing in winter, and just for a one-time cooking for a dish.

The taste of ketchup will largely depend on the kind of apples and tomatoes that you will use. I personally take sour tomatoes, but apples are more sweet varieties. Spices can not be added, but you can add your favorite ones. The main thing is that you keep the balance of sweet and sour, then you will get a wonderful ketchup that will not be worse, but better store, definitely!

To prepare homemade ketchup “Fingers lick” from tomatoes for the winter, prepare all the products listed.

Ingredients for home ketchup

Tomatoes for ketchup can be used any: and ripe, and slightly crushed, and even pruning tomatoes. If you have a meat grinder or a juicer with a special nozzle for making juices with pulp, you can skip tomatoes through it, getting rid of the tomato peel. I will simply remove my skin by hand, after preliminary holding tomatoes in boiling water for 5-7 minutes.

Put the tomatoes in boiling water

After the boiling water cools down, one by one peel the tomatoes from the peel and cut into small cubes along with the seeds. If you want a very perfect ketchup to cook, then remove the seeds, too, using a juicer to make it much easier.

Cut the tomatoes

Transfer the cut tomatoes into a saucepan and cook them over medium heat for 15 minutes.

Boil the tomatoes

In the meantime, cut the onion with a small cube.

Cut the onion

Add the chopped onions to the tomatoes and continue to cook the ketchup.

Put onions to tomatoes

Using special devices remove the apples from the apples and peel the apples.

Peel apples

Then cut the apples into a small cube.

IMPORTANT: to make the ketchup thick, we do not discard the apple cleaning, but we put it into a bag of gauze or mesh and tie it. In the peel of apples is a lot of pectin, which will thicken the ketchup.

Cut apples

Spread into a pan with tomatoes and onions, sliced ​​apples and a bag with apple cleaned.

Put apples on tomatoes

We prepare ketchup for 45-50 minutes, until the onion is soft. Then, using a submerged blender, whip the ketchup in a mash.

Pure the tomato mass

We measure all the spices and clean the garlic.

Prepare spices and garlic

Add salt, sugar and spices to the ketchup, let the garlic pass through the press and also add it to the ketchup. Cook the ketchup for 10 minutes. At the very end of the vinegar vinegar, let the ketchup boil, stirring constantly so that the sauce does not burn. After boiling, cook the ketchup for another 5 minutes and remove it from the fire.

Add salt, spices and garlic

Pour ketchup hot over sterilized jars or bottles and seal tightly with lids. We let the ketchup cool, covering the banks with a blanket. We store ketchup “Fingers lick” in the basement or in the refrigerator.

Recipe for homemade ketchup

Home ketchup “Fingers lick” from tomatoes for the winter is ready. Tasty, bright, fragrant, this ketchup will always take root in your home. I cook spaghetti, pizza with this ketchup, add it to different sauces and serve it to meat and fish.

Bon Appetit!

Photo of home ketchup