Lush pancakes from courgettes are an excellent option for a hearty snack or breakfast.


Squash – 2 pcs.

Carrots – 1 pc.

Onions – 3 pcs.

Potatoes – 2 pcs.

Flour – 2-3 tablespoons.

Chicken egg – 1 pc.

Salt – to taste

Black ground pepper – to taste

Vegetable oil – 100 ml

Parsley – 2 sprigs

  • 131 kcal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Lush pancakes from courgettes are easy to prepare, and the products are all fairly simple. But their taste is very gentle. They are perfectly combined with sour cream or vegetable sauces.

Photo of lush pancakes from courgettes

Prepare the necessary ingredients for lush squash.

Ingredients for lavender pancakes from courgettes

Wash thoroughly all the vegetables. Carrots, onions and potatoes cleaned.

Wash and clean vegetables

For preparation it is better to use young zucchini, but if you have them well ripened, then you need to peel and carefully remove the seeds. Grate courgettes on a large grater.

Grate zucchini

Also, on a large grater, grate the carrots and add it to the zucchini.

Grate the carrots

Then grate the potatoes.

Grate potatoes

Finely chop the onion and send to other ingredients.

Put onion

Add the chicken egg. Pour salt and black ground pepper to taste.

Add egg, salt and pepper

Stir thoroughly the whole mass.

Stir the vegetable mass

Pour the sifted flour and mix again.

Add flour

Pour the vegetable oil into a frying pan and bring to a near boil, reduce the fire to a minimum. Spread 1 tablespoon vegetable dough per pan, forming pancakes. Press them into a thin cake or increase the fire is not necessary.

Put the vegetable mass in the pan

Fry them from two sides to a beautiful ruddy color.

To fry vegetable fritters

Ready lavish pancakes from zucchini to take out on a napkin, so that excess oil is gone. Then put it on a plate and serve it warm. Before serving, decorate with branches of fresh parsley.

Recipe for lavender pancakes from courgettes

Pancakes from courgettes always get very delicate, fragrant and surprisingly tasty. Bon Appetit. Cook with love.

Lush pancakes from courgettes