Pancake pancakes with garlic – a hearty and flavorful dish for those who like to eat delicious.


Zucchini – 300 g

Garlic – 2 pcs.

Egg of chicken – 1 pc.

Wheat flour – 5 tbsp.

Salt – 1 tsp.

Paprika powder – to taste

Pepper black ground – to taste

Dried marjoram – 1 tsp

Vegetable oil for frying

  • 30 kCal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Pancakes from courgettes with garlic – a spicy dish for the whole family, which will complement the home lunch or dinner. Pancakes can be served as an independent dish with sour cream, in between main meals. For cooking, you need a minimum of ingredients, and the simplest and affordable, and a little time.

For cooking zucchini pancakes, take zucchini, garlic, egg, flour, salt, paprika, marjoram, ground pepper.

Ingredients for pancakes from courgettes with garlic

Take a young zucchini, you can even zucchini. If in your refrigerator mature ripe vegetables – no trouble, they are perfect for pancakes, just peel them from the peel and seeds. Rub on a large grater. If there is a lot of juice, press it.

Rub the vegetable marrow

Peel the garlic. Pass through garlic. Add the chicken egg. Stir.

Add garlic and egg

Pour salt, paprika, ground pepper, dried marjoram. Mix again.

Sprinkle salt and spices

Pour the wheat flour. Stir.

Add flour

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Lay out small portions of zucchini dough. Fry over moderate heat until golden.

Put the dough on the pan

Pancakes from courgettes with garlic are ready. Put on paper napkins to soak in vegetable oil, and serve to the table in a warm form.

Photo of pancakes from courgettes with garlic

Bon Appetit!

Recipe for pancakes from courgettes with garlic