An excellent recipe for Belarusian potato pancakes. The dish is ideal for breakfast or dinner.


Potatoes (small) – 12 pcs.

Onions – 1 pc.

Eggs – 1 pc.

Flour – 2 tablespoons with a slide

Vegetable oil – 40 ml



  • 156 kcal
  • 30 min.

Cooking process

Relatively budget, satisfying and delicious dinner is prepared on the basis of hospitable hospitable Belarusian cuisine, and today on the agenda – Belarusian draniki – miniature pancakes made of mashed potatoes, with golden crust. On a couple of homemade sour cream, you can easily “take over” the hill and for a long time recharge your energy.

The best assistant in the preparation of Belarusian potato pancakes is a food processor with a special nozzle, but with some effort, you can do with a conventional grater with the smallest holes for piercing.

Take the necessary products – it’s easier to work with starch varieties of potatoes.

Ingredients for Belarusian potato pancakes

Peeled potatoes are three, shifted to cheesecloth and remove excess juice.

Put the potato mass in gauze

Add onion crushed on the same grater, ground spices and egg. Stirring.

Add the onion, spices and egg

Pour a portion of wheat flour, mix a homogeneous mixture.

Add flour

Spread a tablespoon of potato paste in a hot frying pan.

Put a spoonful of potato on a pan

Fry on both sides with moderate heat until golden brown.

To fry the pancakes

If desired, we remove the remains of oil with a napkin.

Recipe of Belarusian potato pancakes

We serve Belarusian draniki with sour cream, greens.

Ready-made Belarusian potato pancakes

Photo of Belarusian potato pancakes