Fans of tuna will be delighted! Simple and very tasty!


Tuna – 1 pc.

Bay leaf – 3-4 pcs.

Mixture of peppers – 1 tsp.

Salt – 1 tsp.

  • 101 kCal
  • 4 hours
  • 10 min.

Cooking process

Many people call tuna, sea gold, and there is an explanation for this – very high nutritional value. And according to the taste and content of the protein, the tuna does look like veal. Tuna meat is tender, juicy and very satisfying. Dishes using this fish are very useful for the heart, joints, immunity and for the nervous system.

To the great regret, to buy a decent canned food and even for a decent price it gets harder day by day. And you want to feed your beloved with delicious and high-quality dishes. Therefore, I propose to prepare tuna in your own juice with your own hands. The recipe is very simple, the result is on top.

The recipe for tuna in its own juice

Prepare the necessary ingredients.

Ingredients for tuna in own juice

Peel fish from scales, then wash under running water.

Clean the fish

Cut tuna with pieces 3-4 cm thick. The head and tail are cut off – they will not be needed.

Cut the fish into pieces

Each piece is cleaned of the viscera and black film, thoroughly washed and dried with a tissue.

Wet the fish with a napkin

Fold the fish in a deep bowl, season with salt. Slightly mix.

Sprinkle the fish with salt

Put the fish in the sleeve for baking. Add laurel leaves and a mixture of peppers.

Put the fish and spices in the roasting sleeve

Tie the tight edges of the package. To avoid leakage of juice, it is better to put on top one more, or even two packages. Also tighten up.

Put the fish in two packets

In a large saucepan pour cold water and lay out the sleeve with the fish.

Put the fish in the bag in the water

After boiling water reduce the fire to a minimum and continue cooking tuna 3.5-4 hours with minimal boiling.

To boil water

During cooking the fish will allocate a lot of juice and in it also will be prepared.

Brew fish

At the end of time, gently cut the sleeve and take out the fish along with the resulting juice.

Finished tuna in own juice

Since the tuna was prepared for a large amount of time, all the bones, like in the canned food, will become soft, and the meat of the fish – tender, fragrant and melting in the mouth. Tuna, cooked in its own juice, you can serve to the table immediately, as it cools. Also on its basis you can cook delicious dishes: casseroles, salads, sandwiches.

Photo of tuna in own juice

Bon Appetit. Cook with love.

Tuna in its own juice