Bezdorozhevoy lean dough for pies and pies will help you not only in fasting, but also in any other fasting day. I recommend!


Water ice – 130 ml

Salt – pinch

Wheat flour – 2-2,5 cups

Refined sunflower oil – 130 ml

  • 393 kcal
  • 20 minutes.

Cooking process

Nowadays many people fast. But, whatever one may say, without baking and in the post in any way. But it is known that at this time it is impossible to use eggs, milk, butter … Therefore I want to share with you a recipe for the lean testless dough. It includes only sunflower oil, water, flour and salt. From such a test, you can make pies or cake with different fillings.

Products from this test come out slightly puffed.

The basis is taken a glass of 250 ml.

To prepare a lean dough without yeast for pie and pies, prepare the products on the list.

Ingredients for batterless lean dough

Add a bowl or a bowl of blender cold water and sunflower oil.

Connect oil to water

We beat the mixture until the formation of such an emulsion.

Beat the butter and water

Mix in a bowl of flour, salt and emulsion.

Add flour

Gradually adding flour, kneading soft elastic dough. Cover the bowl with the test towel and give him a little rest (about 15-20 minutes). Before baking, we knead the dough again, but without the addition of flour. It will become more smooth and supple.

Knead the dough

This is how a ready-made lean, batterless dough for pies and pasties looks.

Photo of a batterless lean dough