Delicate and melting sweets with an almond center. Very similar to the famous candies “Raffaello”, melt on the lips, like snow-white snowballs in their hands.


Chocolate white – 90 g

Cream 33% – 50 ml

Almond 10-15 pcs.

Butter – 5-10 g

Coconut shaving – 50 g

  • 614 kCal
  • 45 min.

Cooking process

These sweets are a real treat. They are very similar to the famous “Raffaello” candies, but still, without a thin wafer, they “sound” differently. These little balls melt on their lips like snow-white snowballs in their hands.

Homemade coconut candy “Snowball” will be a wonderful gift for the New Year or Christmas or will be an excellent decoration of the festive table.

These candies seem to be the fastest and easiest to prepare.

The hardest part was to find white chocolate. Suitable and porous.

Ingredients for coconut sweets

Chocolate to break into a bowl.

Break the chocolate into pieces

Heat the cream until it boils. Pour into the chocolate. And leave for a few minutes.

Pour the cream

Stir the chocolate thoroughly with a spoon, add a soft oil at the end and mix again. Remove the ganache in the refrigerator.

Melt chocolate with cream

In the meantime, we will deal with almonds.

Pour the nuts with boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes. The water is drained and poured with boiling water again.

Pour the nuts with boiling water

Peel the nuts. Fry in a microwave for 2-3 minutes at maximum power.

Peel the almonds

When the ganache has cooled, beat it with a mixer until it thickens.

Beat the ganache

Spoon a teaspoon of chocolate mass. Put into coconut shavings. Put a nut into the center.

Put the nut in the ganache

Hands form a ball, roll well in chips. So do with the whole mass.

Keep the candy in the fridge.

Roll the sweets in coconut chips

Bon appetit and sweet holidays.

Photo of coconut sweets