The recipe for a multivorous lean cupcake on vegetable oil and compote from any dried fruit.


Flour – 2 cups

Compote from c / f – 1 glass

Sugar – up to 1 glass

Vegetable oil – 0,5 cups

Baking Powder – 1 tsp.

Salt – on the tip of the knife


1 cup – 200 ml

  • 358 kCal
  • 1 hour
  • 10 min.

Cooking process

Those who keep fasting each day need simple ingredients and labor-consuming meals. For the preparation of such a lean cake in a multivarque, you will need the most ordinary products: flour, sugar, vegetable oil and either a ready-made compote of dried fruits, or simply filled with boiling water for 10-15 minutes any available dried fruits. On a glass of boiling water – at least a third of a glass of any dried fruit or a mixture of these. You can also take note of the preparation of drinks and a knot and make a dough on their basis.

This time I had five prunes and an incomplete handful of raisins, and especially I liked a cake based on dried apples with cinnamon added to the dough.

Vegetable oil is better to take something that is odorless.

To prepare a lean cupcake in a multivark, prepare the ingredients in the list for the recipe.

Ingredients for Lent Cake in a Multivariate

Mix sugar with vegetable oil.

Combine the oil with sugar

Pour into this mixture the compost liquid and stir.

Pour in compote

Add the flour mixed with the baking powder and a pinch of salt.

Add flour

Stir the ingredients until smooth.

Stir the dough

In the resulting lean dough for the cupcake, intervene whole small and sliced ​​large dried fruits.

Put the prunes

It is very convenient for baking in a multivarquet to use silicone molds or foil forms. Choose suitable bowls for the size of the diameter. Place the form with the test in the bowl of the multivark.

If there are no molds, pour the dough into a bowl greased with vegetable oil.

Pour the dough into the mold

Set the multivarker mode to “baking 1 hour”.

Bake cupcake in multivark

After the sound signal, gently remove the finished cake. Multivarochnye muffins usually pale from above, and this turns out also and lypkovatym … You can give appearance more attractiveness to your taste. I had a few ground walnuts, and they were useful for sprinkling.

The recipe for a lean fruitcake in a multivark

Baked in a multivariate lean fruitcake on compote – lush, fragrant and really delicious!

Lenten cake in a multivark