Pork stew with pearl barley is a dish ready for use. It only needs to be warmed up, and a full dinner is ready!


Pork – 120 g

Pearl barley – 70 g

Pork fat – 50 g

Onion – 1 pc.

Pepper black ground – to taste

Pepper fragrant – 4 pcs.

Bay leaf – 1 pc.

Salt – to taste

Water – how much will it take?

Peppercorns – 5 pcs.

  • 324 kCal
  • 5 hours

Cooking process

I prepare stewed meat from pearl barley with meat, although not often, but on a regular basis – I like that I have products that save time on cooking. Such products are any canned meats, and I always have in stock home-made stew of pork, beef or chicken. Such conservation can be put in soup, borsch, add to the second dish, warm with potatoes, pasta. Food preparation is greatly simplified and accelerated.

Well, pork stew with pearl barley is generally a completely finished product. You just need to warm up this mess, and the second dish is ready. The taste of this stew is the same as that of the Soviet stew. Who tried it, knows – it is unusually delicious! In addition, you at your discretion can put meat more or less, changing the ratio of pearl barley and pork.

There are different ways of cooking stew: in the oven, in the pressure cooker, in the multivark. I really like to cook stew in a water bath. There is a stereotype that meat is preserved only by those who have a lot of it – farmers, butchers. I buy meat in the store and say: for cooking stew, it does not need too much. I do the stew just to save time: I spent the day, but I freed myself a few evenings after work. We do not need many products.

Ingredients for pork stew with pearl barley

I’m using pork today. You can use any meat, only beef you need to cook longer. Pork I use and lean (meat) and fatter, so that the stew was fat. Cut the meat into pieces.

Cut the meat

Put it in a bowl, pepper and salt. In addition to pepper, I do not use any spices, but you can add if you like. Pepper I add three kinds – ground black, fragrant and black peas.

Pour in salt and pepper

Let’s cut the onion.

Cut the onion

Add to the meat. You could add a little more carrots.

Put onions to meat

We proceed to fill the cans. I fill the jar with a third of the meat. In each bank I put a laurel leaf.

Put the meat and bay leaf in the jar

I spread the washed pearl bar in the cans. On a half-liter jar we take about 3 tablespoons of cereals.

Add pearl barley

Fill the jar with water, not reaching a centimeter to the edge.

Pour in water

Cover the can with a lid and put it on a stand in a pot filled with water. We put the pan on the fire and cook it for about five hours. After 2 hours, gently remove the jar, try the stew on the salt, if necessary, salt. Let’s add a little pork fat (3-4 tablespoons) to each jar so that it creates a fat plug on top. Once again put in a pan, and then cooking takes place without our intervention.

Put the jar in a pot of water

Ready to remove the stew, twist the lid. After a few hours, the fat will solidify, and our pork stew with a pearl barrel will look something like this.

Pork stew with pearl barley

Before use, we heat the stew.

Photo of pork stew with pearl barley

We store in a cold place for no more than six months.

Recipe for pork stew with pearl barley

Pork stew with pearl barley