The recipe for sweet pickled cucumbers in a liter jar. Among the ingredients – horseradish root, carrots, dry dill.


Per liter bank:

cucumber – 600 g

water 0.5 liters

horseradish root – 2-3 rings

hot pepper – tip

carrots – 0,5 pcs.

garlic – 2 prongs

pepper fragrant – 3-4 pcs.

pepper peas – 5-6 pieces.

cloves – 2 pcs.

bay leaves – 1 pc.

sugar – 5 tsp

salt – 1 tbsp.

vinegar – 4 tbsp.

  • 38 kCal
  • 1 hour

Cooking process

The season of blanks is coming to an end. I already made cherry tomatoes in accordance with my recipe last year, and blueberry jam, and lecho with tomato paste and many other goodies for the winter. I have cucumbers in a variety of options. There are still a few cans on the twist (I love them very much), and I decided to fill them with sweet marinated cucumbers for the winter.

The peculiarity of the marinade for these cucumbers is that there are more sugars than salts. Cucumbers are spicy, a little unusual to taste.

For the preparation of sweet marinated cucumbers for the winter, we need ingredients such as cucumbers, horseradish or horseradish leaves, bell peppers, sweet pepper, hot pepper, bay leaf, cloves, garlic, carrots, dill. For the marinade – vinegar, salt and sugar.

Ingredients for sweet marinated cucumbers for the winter

I bought cucumbers in the market, so I do not know when they were collected. In order to restore their freshness, I’ll puncture them for two hours in cold water. If the cucumbers are fresh from the bed, then this can not be done.

Wash the cucumber

While cucumbers are soaked in water, you can prepare marinade. In the water we put sugar, salt, vinegar. Put the pan with the marinade on a gas or electric stove. We need to boil the marinade.

Make a marinade

Carrots cleaned, cut into circles or something else, the root of the horse-radish, too, cut into circles. We need 2-3 circles per liter bank.

Cut the carrots, garlic and horseradish root

In the meantime, the marinade is heated on the stove, we will prepare the jars. I wash the jars before cooking, I will sterilize it over the steam. At the bottom put peppers and peas, fragrant horseradish, cloves, bay leaves, garlic.

Sterilize the banks

Fill the cans with cucumbers. In a liter jar you can store 600-700 g of cucumbers, and in three-liter – about two kilograms.

Put cucumbers in cans

In the free place between cucumbers we will contain carrots – so we use the space of the can more economically. From above put umbrellas or twigs of dry dill.

Put the fennel

During this time our marinade has already reached the boil. We will pick it up in jars.

Pour the marinade

Now we need to sterilize our cucumbers in a water bath. We will cover the cans in advance with boiled lids, put in warm water in a saucepan on a stand and stand with a weak boil until the cucumbers become olive-colored. It takes literally a few minutes.

Sterilize a jar of cucumbers

Well, almost everything is ready. We have only to cork our jars and stand several hours in an inverted state.

Recipe for sweet marinated cucumbers for the winter

Bon Appetit! I hope that you will like the recipe for sweet pickled cucumbers for the winter.

Photo of sweet marinated cucumbers for the winter